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St Louis Moving Company Celebrates National Moving Month with the Facts

It is here again! May is National Moving Month. May begins the busiest moving season of the year.  It is time to get serious about your choice for a St Louis moving company. National Moving Month serves to inform and protect consumers as they embark on their search. You need to take your time and get the facts about the companies you are considering.

Today it is all too easy for a supposed mover to seem reputable on a pretty website filled with hype and false claims. Do not take any company’s website at face value until you do your fact checking. We here at McGuire Moving & Storage encourage you to check out several sources for information about making the right and secure choice for your St Louis moving company.

AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) have teamed up this month with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) in honor of National Moving Month to bring you this article-AMSA and BBB Offer Tips for Safe, Secure Move.  We encourage you to take a moment to read the article to help you choose a reputable St Louis moving company.

McGuire Moving & Storage respect and value the work that both AMSA and BBB have carried out to protect consumers searching for a moving company. We are proud to be a BBB accredited business as well as an AMSA ProMover. Our customers enjoy real peace of mind when they trust their choice in us.

Another great resource to check out this May is one we share time and again-the US Department of Transportation’s Protect Your Move website. There are countless tips and articles on how to avoid moving fraud.

Celebrate National Moving Month with the facts about your St Louis moving company.  You won’t get far on fraud. You will go a long way on facts. McGuire Moving & Storage wishes you a successful and secure move!


Stress Free St Louis Moving with Pets

This week is National Pet week. As your resourceful St Louis moving company, we here at McGuire Moving & Storage are always looking for ideas and tips for our St Louis movers.  National Pet Week obviously gets us thinking about your pets and how to keep them calm and safe through your St Louis move.

In April we shared a reminder for providing new proper identification for your pet that reflects your new address. Please go back and check out that article for resources to help you with that. This week we want to focus on a stress-free move for your pets. We all know that moving can be one of the most stressful life changes.  As your trusted St Louis moving company, we set out to take away as much of your stress as possible. We realize that your pets will also experience some stress surrounding your move. They will begin to sense the changes as they watch the packing process and see things being moved around or taken away. Naturally we want your pets to have a stress-free move as well.

Check out these resources we found for helping your family pet with the move transition all while keeping them safe:

ASPCA-Moving with Your Pet-ASPCA Director of Anti-Cruelty Behavior Research Dr. Katherine Miller discusses ways to make the transition as safe and easy as possible.

Pet Finder-Pets on the Move-Considerations and proper preparation tips to ensure that your move will go more smoothly for your pets.

Pets Welcome Moving With Pets-Extensive list of tips and considerations for the actual transport and travel arrangements for your pet on the move.

We believe that with the proper planning, trusted resources and the support of a competent trusted St Louis moving company, moving does not have to be overwhelming for any members of your family, including the furry ones. That is why at McGuire Moving & Storage, we are committed to connecting you with the best planning practices and moving tips. Good luck moving your pet to your new home!


Choosing a Trusted St Louis Moving Company

We sure are glad you stopped by to read our article this week. March 2-8, 2014 is National Consumer Protection Week. McGuire Moving & Storage is the St Louis moving company dedicated to getting the word out about St Louis moving fraud. We are in the beginning preparation stages for the busiest moving season of the year. We know many of you are beginning to search for the St Louis moving company you can trust to deliver your move.

National Consumer Protection Week is a campaign designed to inform consumers of their rights and to help them make better informed decisions.  They offer resources and partners to bring you information about all types of fraud and scams. We live in a world where it is absolutely imperative that we stay on top of the newest ways scam artists try to cheat us. You need to protect our family, identity, home, business, privacy, banking and the list goes on. It seems every day, there is a new way to scam us. Help yourself and recognize the warning signals. Do your own research rather than trusting all that something or someone tells you. We encourage to visit National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) for information, materials, a list of partners and more to become informed and protect yourself from fraud.

Obviously as a St Louis Moving Company, McGuire Moving & Storage is concerned with moving fraud. It happens all the time. We do not want it to happen to you. We see it nationwide in the news more and more frequently. Luckily it is quite simple to protect yourself when you have the right information. You will then be able to choose a St Louis moving company you can trust.  We highly recommend that before choosing your St Louis moving company that you visit Protect Your Move. This resource put out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in partnership with the moving industry, law enforcement and consumer groups, aims to provide consumers with information to protect themselves from moving fraud. The website it packed with things to know and do to ensure a safe and protected move.

McGuire Moving & Storage wishes you the best of luck in choosing a trusted St Louis Moving Company. Protect yourself with the facts and your rights and you will be moving in the right direction.

Planning Ahead With Your St Louis Moving Company

So you know you are moving in the next few months. The decision has been made. You have done the sorting and purging and have packed up what you will not be using between now and then in secure labeled boxes. Surely it will get very busy in the last few weeks before your move. But what to do now?

2-3 months out is a great time to wrap your mind around the arrangement of your things in your new space. If possible, obtain a floor plan of your new home and begin taking measurements of your furniture and begin to dream you space. This can also save time on moving day and help your St Louis moving company get you moved in more quickly.  A floor plan is a great tool for seeing how it will all fit ahead of time.

This can also be a fun activity for children. If you are moving with a family, they can be part of the planning. This may help everyone feel involved in dreaming the new home space. You can show them their rooms and how their things can be arranged in them. They may want to use colored pencils or crayons and draw their room alongside of you while you work with the floor plan. This can be a fun time to talk about room colors and curtains etc. Giving kids a chance to begin to emotionally connect to their future home through art and dreaming can make the home feel less foreign to them when they do get there because they have invested their vision into the space and have in a way taken ownership of it.

Of course, if you do not have access to a floor plan, then perhaps you can get some basic room measurements from your realtor or future landlord. Taking photos of the space when you are choosing it is a great idea as well.  Note where windows and doors are in the home and how to make the best use of natural light in your arrangement.  Avoid needing to move heavy furniture later by planning ahead. Let your St Louis moving company handle the heavy weight and place it in the perfect spot.

Also, McGuire Moving & Storage is the St Louis moving company able to provide you with everything you need to plan for your move.  Check out our St Louis moving resources page for countless tips on planning your move and preparing for the big day.

Have fun dreaming your new space and do not forget to contact McGuire Moving & Storage with any questions you have regarding your St Louis move.


St Louis Moving Company Ready to Work for You

The winter months are a great time to turn inward and organize; thoughts, ideas, rooms, spaces etc.  Our lives change and evolve and sometimes the right moment comes up urging us to make changes in our homes as well to reflect a new chapter. Perhaps your kids have gone off to college.  Perhaps you are taking on a home business and want to set up an office space. Another possibility is to prepare space for a new hobby. There are many reasons that we would want to rearrange the interior space of our homes. What have you been dreaming about? Are there areas of your home ready for a change?

Sometimes these changes require muscles, equipment and hours you just don’t have. McGuire Moving & Storage would like you to know that we are a St Louis Moving Company ready to assist you with your home rearranging projects. We can ensure your safety by handling your heavy objects for you, including safely and carefully moving your furniture to a new location.  Let us do all the work.

Sometimes people choose to store furniture and boxed up items they are not using in the garage, basement, attic etc.  We not only can move it for you, but we can offer specialized wrapping of your pieces to protect your upholstery and wood from the harsher environments and possible pests often found in the storage areas of a home. Of course as a trusted St Louis Moving Company, we can also help you unclutter your space by providing off-site storage for your things, short or long term, in our clean, dry and secure storage facility.

Let McGuire Moving & Storage assist you in realizing a dream for a new space in your current home. Whether you need heavy things moved, stored or hauled away all together, we are ready to help.  We are your St Louis Moving Company and we move things! That is our job. We leave the fun part of dreaming up to you.

Moving Fraud-It is real. Protect yourself

You have heard the stories about rogue movers – and well, it has happened again. The Department of Transportation has shut down 5 more moving companies for fraud. Three of the companies are in Southern Florida, one in South Carolina and one in Maryland. Read more about this story here in the Miami Herald.

McGuire Moving & Storage would like to remind St Louis movers to protect yourselves when choosing a St Louis moving company.  A great place to start is this Moving Fraud Protection Checklist put out by the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Their website Protectyourmove.gov has a wealth of information on how to ensure that you are choosing a reputable and honest St Louis moving company.  On their site you can also run a search on an St Louis moving company and see if they have a complaint history.  In addition, you can visit the American Moving and Storage Association and look for an AMSA certified Promover.  These movers meet AMSA quality and service standards.

Moving can be stressful enough. Do not be taken advantage of by a rogue mover. Protect yourself and your belongings and do your research. McGuire Moving & Storage is proud of our reputation and history. We have the credentials to prove it with customer testimonials right on our site, a Better Business Bureau Accreditation, plus an AMSA ProMover certification. We are the trusted St Louis moving company who will see your belongings safely home.

Don’t be an St Louis mover victim of fraud. Do your homework and let us know if we can assist you in any way. Your research will go a long way in ensuring your belongings go all the way home. Happy and Safe Moving!

Moving to College Time!

It is that time of year again! Millions of students all over the country are preparing for a new college year. Some of them will be leaving the nest for the first time to move into a dorm while others may be moving into their own independent off-campus housing. Both situations come with packing and moving needs.

McGuire Moving & Storage knows full well the excitement and special needs our St Louis college students hold since we are a greater St Louis area moving company that has been helping families move their kids to college for years and years.

Whether your child is moving a short distance or far from home, we can help take the stress out of the move by providing you with a few ideas and resources.

  1. Chances are if your student is moving into a dorm, you will not be taking anything large like furniture. Most dorms provide a bed, desk and small chest of drawers. You won’t have room for much else. You will need to pack things you need for school and a few items to make you feel at home. McGuire Moving & Storage can help. We are the St Louis Moving Company that can provide Moving Supply Kits to ensure your student’s items are protected in transit. It is essential not to over-pack since chances are you will get there and find that the space just won’t hold it all. You may be driving your packed items yourself or need to ship them beforehand. Either way you won’t want to over-pack.  Check out these links for ideas on what and what not to pack:
  1. If your college student is moving into off-campus housing, the moving in needs can and will be very different. Some off-campus housing will rent furnished but others will not. Your student and his or her roommates might need to furnish and supply an entire apartment or house. McGuire Moving & Storage Company is the St Louis Moving Company that can help with your student’s small move – whether it is a local St Louis move or a long distance move to another state.
  2.  If your student is attending school in a new state, the logistics of moving their household items can be complex and costly, but McGuire Moving & Storage can help simply the process. You might think about renting a truck to get their household items to school, and in some cases that might be the least expensive and convenient option, but in some cases it may actually be less expensive, safer, and save a lot of hassle, to use a professional moving service.  Truck rental may seem like the cheaper option, and usually is best option locally, but when you factor in the gas, time, and one way rental fees on a long distance move – full service may be affordable, with a lot less stress, and work. Give us a call today and McGuire Moving & Storage will get you on your way.