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The Batty Attic

Last week McGuire Moving & Storage brought forward the topic of cleaning out the “spooky” basement to our future St Louis movers. In keeping with the spirit of this last week in October, we would like to turn your attention to the batty attic!

For those of you in the St Louis area that are planning a move in the next year, it is never too early to prepare for that move now when you have the time. It will save you money and time later. McGuire Moving & Storage makes a point of sharing ideas and resources as well as offering our moving and storage services to make your St Louis move as smooth as possible. We have brought up the topics of sorting and purging all the areas of your home including closets, garage, shed, and basement.  What about the batty attic?! Don’t forget to go up there. Like the basement, the attic can be an area you want to put off and avoid but you will be so glad you dealt with it now and not when it is time to actually move.

Attics can be filled with spooky things like spiders and webs and THINGS that no longer serve you. Take this season to get up there and see what is what.  It is another great project to get the family involved in as you sort through possible heirlooms and family history. Be sure to have a safe way to get into the attic. If you have a pull down staircase, check to make sure it is working properly and remove all pets and children from the area when pulling it down.  Go up and inspect the flooring and area to ensure your safety before proceeding.

As in other areas of your home, you will decide what stays and what goes. You can beginning packing up many items for if they are in the attic, you probably will not be using them any time soon. In past posts, we offered ideas and resources for recycling, donating and yard sales. Another great way to lighten your move load and save you costs on your move is to sell items online. There are countless online stores where you can list your items for sale. There are companies you can hire to sell your stuff for you. There are also sites that allow you to build your own online store for selling anything you come across. Future St Louis movers may see this time (months before a move) as the time to sell on line and put some cash in your pocket.

McGuire Moving & Storage encourages our future St Louis movers to research the many options available for online selling. It is another great way to get rid of what you no longer need before your big move. Check back through our older posts for great resources and ideas for sorting through the contents of your home. Good luck clearing out the “Spooky” areas of your home and Happy Halloween!


Spooky Basements

Halloween Happenings are about! In our neighborhood, porches and lawns are decked out with fun and frightful greeters ready for trick-or-treaters. Spooky things lurk about as the days grow shorter. It is the time of year for apples, pumpkins, and haunted hayrides. Halloween is time for spooky fun.

In line with our fall sorting and purging posts, the next area of the home McGuire Moving & Storage would love to help our future St Louis movers tackle is the basement. Basements can be spooky indeed. They are dark and sometimes damp places where you have placed everything you did not know what to do with over possible decades.  What is lurking down there? It is time to venture down and deal with it. You will want your basement clear of clutter and looking clean and organized prior to putting your home on the market. You will also surely want to lower the cost of your St Louis moving bill by once again purging excess weight-the things you do not need or want to move to your new home.

We suggest that our future St Louis movers make this task part of your Halloween fun. If you have kids, get them involved. It can become a treasure hunt or trip down memory lane and yes, perhaps a little spooky when you look into dark corners. Perhaps they will find great items to use for their Halloween costumes. Plus their younger legs will not mind all the trips up and down the steps to the curb. Chances are during your sorting process that you will find pounds and pounds of things that are of no use to you anymore since you stashed them down there. With every arm load, you are saving money on your move.

Pick an area of the basement and dig in. Once you have determined what you can donate, recycle, or throw out and deal with it accordingly, you will have more clear space to organize what is left.  Check out Earth911 or Donationtown for countless resources for donating and recycling your unwanted items. Perhaps you have items you could sell on-line. Now is the time to do it. Months before you are too busy with the move process. What you want to avoid is the act of just moving useless piles somewhere else in your home. That will not save you time or money. Your goal is to eliminate useless weight now to lower the cost of your move later. Clear up the clutter and move it on out!

Future St Louis movers may choose to use this time to also start packing up anything they come across that will not be used before their move. Have packing material handy and save time later.  McGuire Moving & Storage can help St Louis movers with the packing tips found here.

Finish the day or weekend’s spooky basement clean-out task with the rewards of some hot cider, pumpkin carving and a spooky movie. Your basement will no longer be a spooky place and you can sit back and enjoy Halloween fun. Good Luck future St Louis movers! McGuire Moving & Storage is standing by as you St Louis mover ready to provide you with the resources and services you need throughout your entire move process. BOO!

Thinking About Relocating?

People move for many reasons.  They move to larger homes to accommodate a growing family.  People move so their children can go to the best schools. They move to smaller homes when the family grows up. Some people move because of a job change. Some move when they retire.  Others move when they get married. So many life circumstances can necessitate a move. And as many reasons as there are to move, there are countless reasons to investigate where you think you would like to go.

Gathering information about where you might plan to relocate is an important step in ensuring you will land in the best place for you and your family. McGuire Moving & Storage are all about moving. We are dedicated to providing St Louis area movers with support and resources for their St Louis area relocation. We have created a short list of things St Louis area movers might consider when looking for a new community.

  • Rural, Suburban, Urban? That’s the big question. Each type of area will be very different. Consider what is most important to you in terms of the type of community you want to live in.
  • School system-If you have children or plan to have children, then certainly this consideration would be high on your list. Check out
  • Convenience of shopping-For some knowing their favorite stores are right nearby is an important consideration.
  • Crime rate-there are plenty of resources on the internet to help you determine how safe a community is.
  • Cost of living-This varies from place to place all over the country. You will want to become familiar with what to expect in an area of interest.
  • Real-estate values-These too fluctuate greatly from place to place.
  • Life-style-What types of activities will you want to enjoy in your new location? You will want to investigate places where you can participate in your favorite hobbies, sports, arts, etc.
  • Dog friendly cities/towns-Check out for all sorts of dog friendly city information.

We know it is a lot for future St Louis area movers to consider. Here are some great sites where you can get much of the information you will need to narrow down your considerations from above.

Neighborhood Scout

Research is the place to start and from there you will surely find your way home. Have fun with your search. These days a lot of mystery can be taken out of the relocation process when you can find so much on the web including photos and reviews and ratings on all kinds of things in communities. So good luck St Louis area movers! McGuire Moving & Storage helps take the stress out of your St Louis area move.

Fire Prevention Week

Here it is again… Fire Prevention Week. This year it falls on October 6 and runs through October 12. McGuire Moving & Storage would like to recognize this important event and remind our St Louis area movers about the importance of fire safety.

Here are some important considerations for fire safety during your St Louis area move process:

Fire Safety while preparing to move                                                         

  • For everyone’s safety, gasoline-powered equipment, such as lawn mowers, motorcycles and snow blowers must be emptied of fuel and oil a few days before the move to assure complete evaporation. Propane tanks must be purged and certified before van transport. If your car is being transported, it should have less than a ¼ tank of fuel to allow for expansion.
  • By law, there are some items van lines are not allowed to move, so be sure you don’t pack them. Flammables, explosives and corrosives, ammunition and firearms, fireworks or flares, gasoline, kerosene, motor fuel and lamp oil, oil based paints, thinners and varnishes, lighter or starter fluids, fire extinguishers, nail polish remover, bleach, sterno, aerosol cans, propane tanks and cylinders, and matches cannot be transported.
  • Leave fresh batteries in all of your fire alarms and be sure they are in good working order for the next occupants. 

Fire Safety in your new home

  • Check that all fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order.
  • Plug in each appliance one at a time and ensure they are working properly and their power cords are free of damage or frayed wires.
  • Develop fire escape plans for each member of the family. Each member should have more than one option for escape in case of fire.
  • Have a fire drill to practice the escape routes.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in places where fires happen most frequently such as the kitchen. This year’s Fire Prevention Week them is Prevent Kitchen Fires.  We invite our St Louis area movers to visit the National Fire Prevention Association website for more information on preventing fires in the kitchen.
  • For more tips on protecting your family and home from fire, visit the Fire Safety page at The National Safety Council.

McGuire Moving & Storage are your proven St Louis area movers. We encourage you to consult with the real experts on fire safety. Contact your local fire department to find out about Fire Prevention Week activities and resources in your community. Move with fire safety in mind. Keep Safe!