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Creature Comforts for St Louis Movers

McGuire Moving & Storage has been taking this winter month of February to bring our St Louis movers ideas for finding connections that will help them feel more at home in the new community they anticipate moving to.  We enjoy helping our customers to be proactive with this by providing ideas and resources.

Read our earlier posts this month if you missed them. We are sure that you will find some of the information useful. It is a time for getting excited about moving and anticipating what it will be like where you go. St Louis movers have shared with us the things that helped make them feel at home when they moved. You will find some of these ideas in the posts from the last 2 weeks.  Here are a few more ideas from our St Louis movers:

  • Fitness-check your local community for where you can enjoy your favorite classes and work-outs. Classes are a great way to meet new community members while staying fit. Perhaps you want to sign up now to ensure your spot once you move.
  • Museums and art galleries-connecting with the history and culture aids in feeling more invested in where you live
  • Music and theater venues-for those of you who enjoy the performing arts, check out what is going on. Perhaps you would even like to purchase tickets to an event in the future providing you with a new community activity to look forward to.
  • Dog friendly places-for our dog loving St Louis movers, you might want to look into fun places to take your furry friend and meet other dog lovers and their dogs.  Dogs are a great way to break into conversation and meet new people.
  • Cafes and coffee shops-Who doesn’t want to find these ahead of time? Perfect places for learning more about where you live and striking up conversations.

The ideas are endless and you are sure to find gobs of good stuff in your research so we suggest you keep a file on all these possible new haunts and set the intention of visiting soon after you move.

We hope we have inspired St Louis movers to think and dream about where they are going. When you move to a new place, finding your creature comforts in research you do ahead of time can create a sense of belonging there.  Check back here in the future. McGuire Moving & Storage likes all things moving and has much to share to help out our St Louis movers before, during and after their moves.

St Louis Movers Searching for Local Farmer’s Markets

Welcome Back! McGuire Moving & Storage has been sharing ideas the last couple of weeks for how to help St Louis movers connect to the communities that they will be moving to in the near future.  These quiet months are a good time to dream about what is coming up. A move is always easier when you can look forward to things about where you are going.

Recently when speaking to St Louis movers about what helps them feel at home and connected to a new community, we heard about the importance of farming communities and the availability of locally grown food. It makes perfect sense that one of the things that helps us connect with community is connecting with the growers and products that come from local sources. So while looking ahead, you might enjoy researching what is locally available in your area.

We here at McGuire Moving & Storage found two useful resources for looking up local farming.  We found that at, you can simply put in your zip code and get connected to Community Supported Agriculture, Small family farms, Food Coops, and Farmer’s Markets. It is quick and easy and provides a lot of information on all the local farming businesses that are located in your future home community.

Another great resource for St Louis movers who are searching for local farming communities is the USDA National Farmers Market Directory. Here you can find one of the most comprehensive listing of farmer’s markets across the country. They update regularly and often for the most accurate information. Again it is as easy as putting in your zip code and then you are on your way to connecting with farming in your future community.

Check back next week where we will be sharing more ideas for feeling at home in a new community. It is all about home at McGuire Moving & Storage. We want to help our St Louis movers gets there.


Looking Forward to Your New Community

Last week we talked about taking this quiet less busy time before a St Louis move that may be 2-3 months out, to dream your space using a floor plan to plan furniture placement.  It saves having to rearrange heavy things later after the movers leave. McGuire Moving & Storage has been sharing the St Louis move experience with our customers for over 79 years. We have been there alongside them helping them with everything “moving”. One thing we have learned about the St Louis move process for families is sometimes it can be fraught with the unknown about where you are heading and how to make that new destination feel like you are coming home.

These days, the internet makes it so easy to research all about where you are going.  While you are anticipating all you will be busy with in the few weeks and days right before your St Louis move, why not look ahead and learn about your new community.  What helps you feel at home in a new community? Here are some suggestions to research ahead of time and help you and your family look forward to your St Louis move and new home community:

  • Your favorite chain stores and restaurants-many of us like our routine places. You might enjoy finding out that the stores you enjoy shopping at can also be found where you are moving.
  • Parks-Perhaps you love the outdoors and enjoy walking, running, biking, kayaking. Check out what parks are near your new home and what facilities they have.
  • Fun places for kids-If you have children, they can look forward to what is available in your new community for them.
  • Local contractors-Perhaps over the years, you have become attached to your short list of home maintenance contractors such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, landscapers etc. The internet makes it very easy to research reputable trusted contractors who are ready to serve you in your new community.  You can enter your new home with a new short list for anything you may need right away.
  • Place of Worship-A fine way to connect with your new community is through your faith. Find your denomination and make the call to introduce yourself and family.
  • Community Centers-Check on-line to see if your new community has a community center where you can make connections or learn more about your community.
  • Local businesses-Sure, we all like our comfort chain stores and/or restaurants but it is fun to explore what is unique about where you are going. Check out business directories or city/town websites to read about privately owned stores, boutiques, and restaurants. You may find that you cannot wait to visit some of these locally owned businesses.

This should give you much to read and learn about where you are headed. Take advantage of all the ways the internet can help you warm up to your future community through photos, videos, reviews and guides all to do with your future home.

If you have kids, get them involved and give them some things on the list to research and see what they can find out too. They will most likely enjoy sharing their excitement over what they find. They might think it is fun and feel a sense of involvement. Check back in the next few weeks for more ideas and resources that help you feel more at home wherever your St Louis move takes you. McGuire Moving & Storage likes to help you feel at home no matter where you are. Have fun!

Planning Ahead With Your St Louis Moving Company

So you know you are moving in the next few months. The decision has been made. You have done the sorting and purging and have packed up what you will not be using between now and then in secure labeled boxes. Surely it will get very busy in the last few weeks before your move. But what to do now?

2-3 months out is a great time to wrap your mind around the arrangement of your things in your new space. If possible, obtain a floor plan of your new home and begin taking measurements of your furniture and begin to dream you space. This can also save time on moving day and help your St Louis moving company get you moved in more quickly.  A floor plan is a great tool for seeing how it will all fit ahead of time.

This can also be a fun activity for children. If you are moving with a family, they can be part of the planning. This may help everyone feel involved in dreaming the new home space. You can show them their rooms and how their things can be arranged in them. They may want to use colored pencils or crayons and draw their room alongside of you while you work with the floor plan. This can be a fun time to talk about room colors and curtains etc. Giving kids a chance to begin to emotionally connect to their future home through art and dreaming can make the home feel less foreign to them when they do get there because they have invested their vision into the space and have in a way taken ownership of it.

Of course, if you do not have access to a floor plan, then perhaps you can get some basic room measurements from your realtor or future landlord. Taking photos of the space when you are choosing it is a great idea as well.  Note where windows and doors are in the home and how to make the best use of natural light in your arrangement.  Avoid needing to move heavy furniture later by planning ahead. Let your St Louis moving company handle the heavy weight and place it in the perfect spot.

Also, McGuire Moving & Storage is the St Louis moving company able to provide you with everything you need to plan for your move.  Check out our St Louis moving resources page for countless tips on planning your move and preparing for the big day.

Have fun dreaming your new space and do not forget to contact McGuire Moving & Storage with any questions you have regarding your St Louis move.