Office Moving

Move with Confidence

Our goal is to make your office move as stress-free as possible on you and your employees. Our professional drivers, crews, and customer care teams will be with you every step of the way, as we strive to exceed your deservedly high standards.

McGuire provides your company with a cost-effective, one stop moving solution carefully designed to ensure a quick, seamless, and hassle free moving experience. To achieve top-notch customer satisfaction, McGuire has assembled a team of trained and certified personnel specializing in office and industrial relocations. Their experience and knowledge means your move will be performed quickly, with special attention paid to sensitive equipment.

The McGuire Way

Your office move will begin with a strategy session to map out the best possible moving solution for your business with our Planning Team. Our team will:

• Complete a comprehensive survey of your facility; prepare an inventory of all furniture and equipment to be moved, and services to be provided.

• Coordinate all the details of coding, marking, and furniture placement so that color codes and numerical sequences are translated into an efficient work flow.

• Provide you with a detailed schedule/timeline demonstrating our tactical responsibilities to ensure the most efficient, well orchestrated move possible.

• Work within your schedule to eliminate downtime and minimize the impact on operations.

McGuire Offers:

• Onsite Project Management

• Certified Property Insurance

• Complete Installation and Dismantle Services

• Offsite Storage and Disposal of Excess Inventory

• Rigging and Special Equipment Services

• Transfer Services

• Records Storage