Small Move Solutions

Preparing for an upcoming small move? When you have a small move on the horizon, you need expert solutions tailored to what you aim to accomplish. With McGuire Moving & Storage, you can enjoy the perks of services tailored to smaller relocations—including fine-tuned, efficient solutions and competitively-priced rates. 

Whether you’re moving to a dorm, apartment, condo, or house, our team can provide expert solutions in St. Louis and beyond, making your move feel seamless and eliminating the stressors of relocating. Discover more about McGuire and our highly-rated services, and learn why we’re the right choice for your small move! 

McGuire PAC for Small Moves

For your small move needs, McGuire Moving & Storage offers PAC, the perfect solution for small moves. What is PAC? PAC stands for Planned Arrival Containerization, and it offers the ideal relocation service when you need assistance with a small move. 

At McGuire, we understand that a wide array of relocations fit under the “small move” umbrella, whether you’re moving to or from a dorm, studio apartment, one-bedroom house, or condo. Save money and unlock efficient solutions when you opt for our PAC program. Interested in what’s included? Keep reading to discover the details! 

  • Professional packing into a high-quality shipping container 
  • Faster transit and delivery times 
  • Simplified pricing for improved budgeting 
  • Specific pick-up and delivery dates 
  • Performance in less time than the industry average 
  • Decreased potential for loss or damage to your household goods

Why is PAC such an innovative solution? Rather than utilizing the typical moving strategies, we employ our international moving expertise to aid our domestic relocations by using shipping containers to hold and move your belongings. This strategy allows us to simplify both packing and transportation, allowing us to offer much quicker solutions to our customers. With this technique, you can settle into your new home in no time, showcasing PAC as the superior small-move solution. 

Trusted Small Move Solutions in St. Louis

For over 85 years, McGuire has provided reliable, professional moving solutions to the greater St. Louis area and beyond. Founded in 1935, we have continued to serve as a trusted source of relocation expertise for years, remaining family-owned and operated for four generations. Our strong roots through family and community have allowed us to maintain a personal touch with our services despite now having national (and international) reach. Through all of our moving, packing, and storage solutions, we aim to offer individualized services at affordable rates, meeting the needs of all customers with confidence and care. No matter if you’re moving locally or long distance, our team of moving experts is fully prepared to handle any relocation and make the process feel like smooth sailing at every turn. 

Movers You Can Count On

As you search for movers to facilitate your small relocation, one of the most important aspects to consider is trustworthiness. To confidently complete your move, you need a team that can reliably deliver results and fulfill their promises. Fortunately, McGuire Moving & Storage has a proven track record of excellence and dependability, allowing us to instill confidence in our valued customers as we provide them with high-quality moving solutions.  

We have demonstrated the caliber of our services in countless ways over the years. First and foremost, McGuire Moving & Storage has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a trait that empowers our customers to understand our merits before they even begin the booking process. Another point of pride at McGuire is our array of both local and national affiliations. We are a certified ProMover with the American Trucking Association, an ASID Industry Partner, and a member of the Missouri Movers Association, St. Louis Apartment Association, and St. Louis Chamber of Commerce.  

Agent of Bekins Van Lines

Moving out of state? Another one of our valued partnerships allows us to seamlessly orchestrate your interstate small moves. McGuire is an interstate agent for Bekins Van Lines, one of the nation’s top van lines.  

Through our agent status, we can easily and quickly orchestrate moves across state lines, taking the guesswork out of moving thanks to our top-tier services. We even received the Agent of the Month award in March 2023, further proving our knowledge, expertise, and commitment to delivering excellent solutions. 

Ready for Your Small Move?

With McGuire Moving & Storage, you can expect your small move to be efficient, affordable, and expertly handled. Our team of dedicated, highly trained professionals will accommodate your needs every step of the way to ensure you experience your easiest, most stress-free move ever.  

Whether you’re moving near or far, we will handle your relocation with knowledge and care—that’s the McGuire promise.  

Interested in learning more about what we can offer for your upcoming small move? Request a complimentary quote online today, or give us a call at 314-241-0600. We look forward to moving you!