Monthly Archives: November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

McGuire Moving & Storage would like to wish all St Louis movers and all our Missouri move customers a Happy Thanksgiving. We are very grateful to you for your business and your positive reviews of our St Louis moving services.  We appreciate our repeat customers who have placed their faith in us time and time again to handle their Missouri moves. We also appreciate the many referrals we have received from satisfied customers. It is a high complement and one we are proud of. Thank you for making us your choice for your greater Missouri area move service!

We at McGuire Moving & Storage wish you and yours a bountiful, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Donate Food Before You Move

McGuire Moving & Storage would like to remind our St Louis Movers that as they are preparing for their upcoming move, food storage items can weigh a lot and increase the cost of your move. Why not lighten your move load and donate your excess food items to your local food bank?

This time of year it is easy for St Louis movers to find places to donate food. There are donation drop-offs in many area stores, churches, school etc. Also you can check out Feeding America to find a local food bank that may accept your food donation or direct you on where you can drop it off.

So why not pack up your food and drop it where it is most needed instead of loading it onto the move truck? Lighten your move load to save moving costs and help feed those in need. It’s a perfect match. We here at McGuire Moving & Storage wish all of our St Louis movers a warm and bountiful Thanksgiving.

The Benefits of Using Temporary Storage

How are you doing with your fall sorting and purging? Autumn is flying by. The busy holiday season will be upon us in a flash. This is the best time of year to take stock of what you have and what you will keep before a move. Your move costs will be based partly on the weight of your move load. You will surely save money on your move by purging unwanted items now. Throughout this fall season we have been sharing ideas and resources for sorting through the contents of the home with our future St Louis movers.  There are still a couple of weeks left before the bustle of the holidays takes front stage. Time to move more stuff!

As you looked through closets, attic, basement, garage, shed, you got a true sense of what you need and want and what you will be leaving behind.  McGuire Moving & Storage shared resources and ideas for recycling, donations, on-line selling, etc.  And do not forget the possibility of holding a yard sale.

So now you are left with everything you will definitely be taking with you on your move. Some St Louis movers may have used the sorting exercise as a time to start packing up items they will not be needing before moving day. Do you have furniture and boxes that are in the way of home showings? It is always best to show a home on the market that is free of clutter, personal items and abundant storage items. This helps the buyers “see” themselves living in your home. A great way to clear the way is to use temporary storage space.  As your trusted St Louis mover, McGuire Moving & Storage offers temporary storage space. Our facilities are clean, climate controlled, and secure.  Come moving day, we can load your storage items along with the rest of your household contents and move everything to your new residence.

Also, keep our storage space in mind if you will be moving to temporary housing before you can move into your permanent home. We offer many solutions for short and long term storage. McGuire Moving & Storage can provide for all your moving and storage needs.  Good luck to St Louis movers with all pre-move preparations!


Honoring Those Who Have Served

To all those who have served and who are currently serving our country, McGuire Moving & Storage would like to say Thank You!  We are proud of our Veterans and honor them through our remembrance, support and gratitude today and every day.  Your sacrifice is the ultimate sacrifice that protects our freedom and our great nation.  Happy Veterans Day!

McGuire Moving & Storage is an agent of Arpin Van Lines. Arpin has had one of the strongest industry reputations for providing the highest quality control and performance standards to the Military and the Government Services Administration, continually having high Customer Service Index (CSI) scores compared to our competition. We proudly serve St Louis moving military families.

McGuire Moving & Storage, as an agent of Arpin Van Lines, recognizes our active and veteran military service men and women by providing veteran discounts on interstate moves.  Read more about Arpin Veteran Moving Services Savings Program and contact us about your St Louis moving discount for veterans.

McGuire Moving & Storage honors our military service personnel. You work tirelessly to serve our country and we salute you!