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Moving boxes

Things To Consider When Moving Your Business

Any time that you or your workers spend moving is time spent away from what they they likely need to be focusing on for your company (Making money). In many cases, a more cost-effective approach is to outsource this project to prevent any loss of productivity and hire a professional moving company.

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Child moving boxes

Tips To Help Your Move Go Better For Your Kids

Let’s face it, moving can be tough when you are 40 years-old, so just imagine what it is like for children. It can cause stress, anxiety and moody behavior… Even if you are only moving a few blocks away. Here are a few ideas to help this new adventure go as well as possible for them.

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Arpin’s Agent of the Month for August!

Good news! We are proud to announce that we are the Arpin Van Lines’ Agent of the Month for August 2017! Arpin released this statement on September 28th.

“Congratulations to McGuire Moving & Storage in St. Louis, MO, on being selected as Arpin’s Agent of the Month for August! For about seven years, McGuire has consistently been a major contributor to the Arpin system. Their quality scores clearly exhibit the high quality of service they provide to our customers, as well as receiving countless awards, one being the Gold Quality Agent award. We truly appreciate the entire team at McGuire for their ongoing contributions to the van line, our agency family, and drivers.”