Commercial Storage

Is your business on the hunt for effective storage solutions in St. Louis? Are you searching for commercial storage options that you can trust? When you need commercial storage space in St. Louis, McGuire Moving & Storage is your ideal choice for the utmost dependability.  

You can expect simplified storage solutions in a clean, climate-controlled space at our secure, state-of-the-art storage facility. Our warehouse covers 250,000 square feet—over 5 acres of premium storage space for our customers to utilize for their business needs! Whether you’re looking to store documents, equipment, or anything in between, our high quality storage solutions are ready for you to take full advantage of.  

Interested in learning more? Keep reading to discover more about your premier St. Louis storage provider.  

Uses for Commercial Storage

Commercial storage can sufficiently meet the needs of countless businesses. How do various businesses use storage units to accomplish their goals? How can you use storage space to upgrade your company? Learn about some of the many uses for commercial storage below… 

  1. Inventory Storage: Businesses can use storage units to store excess inventory, seasonal items, or bulk supplies. This is particularly useful for retailers who may experience fluctuations in demand throughout the year. Alternatively, retailers may require extra space to sufficiently house their inventory outside their retail location. 
  2. Document Archiving: Companies often need to archive and store important documents for legal or regulatory purposes. Storage units provide a secure and organized space dedicated to document storage, preventing businesses from needing to take up valuable space in their usual office space. Organizing your documents more effectively is a significant perk of commercial storage space. 
  3. Equipment Storage: Businesses with large or seasonal equipment, such as construction companies or event planners, may use storage units to keep equipment safe and secure when not in use. Storage facilities provide the ideal space to confidently house these valuable belongings. 
  4. E-commerce Fulfillment: Online retailers and e-commerce businesses may use storage units as fulfillment centers for their inventory, enabling them to efficiently manage and ship orders. This extra space can be incredibly valuable to keep their inventory orderly and efficiently manage their items with sufficient room for storage. 
  5. Construction Material Storage: Construction companies may use storage units to store building materials, tools, and equipment on-site or at a convenient location. This option allows construction companies to keep their materials safe, secure, and easily accessible for their needs. 
  6. Vehicle Storage: Some businesses, such as car dealerships, may use storage units to store excess vehicles or as a temporary solution for vehicle storage.

Benefits of Using Commercial Storage

With so many uses for commercial storage space, your business can unlock advantages that improve your daily operations. Discover some of the ways companies benefit from storage units… 

  • Enhanced Organization: Storage units provide a dedicated and organized space for storing your business’s items, whatever they may be. This can improve overall efficiency by reducing clutter in the main workspace and making it easier to locate and retrieve items when necessary. 
  • Cost-Effective: Renting a commercial storage unit can be a cost-effective alternative to expanding or leasing additional office or warehouse space. It allows businesses to pay only for the space they need, and it generally is a much more feasible financial commitment than finding a new office space. 
  • Maximum Flexibility: Storage units provide businesses with flexibility regarding space requirements and the general management of their items. You can unlock greater flexibility in managing your business by taking advantage of a commercial storage unit. Companies can easily adjust the size of the storage unit based on their changing needs, whether it’s for seasonal inventory, equipment, or document storage. 
  • Convenience & Accessibility: Storage units are generally accessible at convenient hours, allowing businesses to retrieve or store items when needed. Some facilities offer 24/7 access, providing flexibility for businesses with varying schedules. 
  • Security: Commercial storage facilities prioritize security, offering features such as surveillance cameras, gated access, and on-site security personnel. This helps ensure the safety and protection of valuable business assets. At McGuire’s St. Louis storage facility, you can expect 24/7 surveillance through our security system.  
  • Scalability: As businesses grow, their storage needs may change. Commercial storage units offer scalability, allowing companies to easily adjust their storage space to accommodate fluctuations in inventory or equipment. Whenever you need to adjust your storage space to accommodate your business’s current needs, you can easily do so.

Reliable Commercial Storage in St. Louis

When it comes to commercial storage in St. Louis, McGuire is second to none in the quality and caliber of our services. With a facility centrally located in St. Louis, our storage warehouse offers premium convenience and flexibility for businesses of all types and sizes. Our safe, climate-controlled units are managed with care by our team of moving and storage experts, and we even provide customizable services to further enhance your storage experience. We offer an option to add shredding services when your business stores with us, functioning as a solution to securely discard any documents containing sensitive, personal information. Our St. Louis storage representatives proudly serve our customers with dependable, trustworthy storage solutions that allow their businesses to function even more smoothly. 

Storage Solutions You Can Trust

At McGuire Moving & Storage, our storage units are meant to fit your business’s needs, not the other way around. Our team works diligently to provide customers with commercial storage units that can enhance their business practices and help to accomplish their goals. No matter the nature of your business, McGuire’s commercial storage solutions are the ideal answer to your company’s needs.  

Interested in working with us and gaining customizable, secure storage space for your business? Request a free quote online or call us today at (314) 241-0600 to learn more.