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Tips To Help Your Move Go Better For Your Kids

Let’s face it, moving can be tough when you are 40 years-old, so just imagine what it is like for children. It can cause stress, anxiety and moody behavior… Even if you are only moving a few blocks away. Here are a few ideas to help this new adventure go as well as possible for them.

Introduce the movers to them – When the movers arrive for the big day, take a little time to introduce them to your kids. Wouldn’t you want to trust the person who is in control of your gaming system or favorite teddy bear to make sure it is in capable hands?

Make the move exciting! – Possibly give them some ownership of the move and their room by letting them unpack their belongings and get creative with their room. If possible, take them by the new place in advance of moving and then work with them to plan out where everything will go in the new place.

Surprises aren’t always a good thing – They might be getting a bigger room or going somewhere that has a lot of cool stuff for them to do, but it is still best to gently break the news and give them plenty of time to process everything. This will allow them time to ask questions, and give you time to adequately build them up for the move.

Explore – It might be tough with everything going on, but make some time to go for walks and explore the area. Possibly take a picnic at a nearby park together or do some other fun things that will interest them.

Re-purpose your boxes – Depending on their age, use some of the boxes to make forts or other creative items. Here are some ideas to re-purpose boxes.  

Smile – It might be hard at first, but try to remain positive during the whole moving experience. As you have already probably realized, your children are sponges and absorb your energy – both positive and negative.

These are just some tips to hopefully keep your kids healthy and safe during your next move so it is a successful one.

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