Pro Tip: How To Properly Pack A Moving Box

Packing a moving box seems pretty simple, right? You load as much stuff as you possibly can into a box, tape that sucker up and then cram it into a truck. Done.

Well, that’s definitely one way to do it, but it may cause many of your items to break. Here are some tips to properly pack a moving box so you decrease the likelihood of anything being damaged during your next move.

For non-fragile items, you want to fill every space that you can without making the box too heavy because boxes that aren’t completely full could collapse when stacked. To fix this issue, simply add excess packing paper so that each box is packed tight before you tape it shut.

For fragile items, you want to make sure that there are at least two inches of packing material on all sides of the box. If you were to drop the box, it should be so secure that nothing should move. Remember the project in grade school/high school were you dropped an egg off the side of a building? Packing a box should be a very similar process so imagine each box is about to be thrown off the side of the building… well, hopefully that’s a bit extreme, but you get the point.

Disclaimer: We don’t advise throwing your packed boxes off of the side of a building, or intentionally dropping them. 🙂 The video below serves no real purpose other than to bring back some fun childhood meetings.

Another important reminder when filling boxes is to remember to try to fill them so they weigh less than 30 pounds. You want to use small or medium-sized boxes for heavier items like books and use larger boxes for lighter items like comforters, quilts and pillows.

Taking the time to wrap your breakables properly could mean the difference in whether or not they arrive in one piece. Again, it’s better to overpack fragile items like dishes than to under pack them. So put dishes and plates into boxes on their side, never flat. If you stack cups and bowls, then be sure to place paper or padding in between each piece of glassware.

When you’re done packing, you want to seal each box with strong packing tape. We suggest wrapping the tape across the top of the box with the flaps, then wrap another piece of tape across the top of the box against the flaps. This method of sealing your box helps prevent it from caving in when you stack it.

We hope you find this article helpful. We wish you the best on your future move!

If you ever have any questions, then feel free to reach out to us.  

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