Do You Need To Tip Movers?

To tip or not to tip? We get asked this question a lot by clients, and we tell them the decision is completely up to them. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you determine a tip amount.

Whether or not you want to tip your movers is completely up to you.

We would say 10% of your total move, or around $4 per hour per mover, is the industry standard. Though, the amount you choose should purely be determined by your overall experience with the move. If you had a great experience, then possibly you tip a little more. If your experience wasn’t as pleasant, then you probably don’t tip the crew as much.

As you know, moving can be stressful so if your movers helped alleviate any of this stress, then you possibly show your gratitude to them.

At McGuire Moving and Storage we pride ourselves on paying our drivers/movers a livable wage so they are not automatically expecting a tip, but it is always appreciated. A tip lets your movers know that you recognize the hard work they have done for you and that you appreciate their labor.

Some things to consider:

  • Were they on time?
  • Did they communicate well with you throughout the move?
  • Were they friendly?
  • Did they seem organized and professional?
  • Were they approachable?
  • Were they efficient?
  • Would you use them again for a future move?

If they checked all of these boxes, then possibly you tip a bit more because you got professional movers. 

Here are a few more ways to show appreciation to your movers:

While tips are a more than adequate way to show your appreciation, here are a few additional ways to show your gratitude for superior service.

  • Leaving a good review using their names.
  • Providing cool and refreshing drinks or hot drinks depending on the time of year and weather.
  • Providing cookies and snacks to keep your movers’ energy levels up.

While these are often considered above and beyond, they could go a long way to show your appreciation and create an overall happy environment.

We hope you found these tips… about tips… helpful.

Good luck on your next move and thanks for reading!

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